VGV listens, understands and therefore answers to the request of innovation and the added value that our clients want, by constantly focusing on product efficiency and quality through integrated systems and dedicated services.

As a result, VGV has developed specific assembling activities for some clients, thus optimizing standards of quality, cost and processing times:

  • Assembly of Giulia trunk gas spring
  • Assembly of John Deere axle steering stroke end screws
  • Assembly of planetary pinions for Iveco Stralis

VGV, in the world of spoke wheels rims

A major Italian motorbike manufacturer offered VGV, already its supplier for small metal parts for fixing systems, to become its supplier for the complete assembly of wheels on rims. VGV accepted the challenge and started the project from scratch, without any external influence or preconception, and with a methodological choice primarily focused on how to do, instead of what to do, thereby making the difference: from in-depth studies on the spoke wheel product and its assembly methods, to the search for the best machinery and the most innovative technological tools. In just over a year, after establishing and agreeing on the financial data and an estimate on the assembly times, the investment finally came to life: in July 2019, VGV’s new plant in Montirone began manufacturing at a rate of 80.000 wheels a year as its first goal.

Craftsmanship’s commitment and dedication are combined with the precision and functionality of a flawless industrial plant. The entire system, organized according to the Lean Production principles, is managed by a specific software that not only programs, monitors and organizes each phase of each process, but also processes and records all information related to each individual wheel. In turn, all this information is merged in the bar code located on the label applied to each wheel once the process is complete; as a result, all data can be easily loaded and managed, allowing complete and constant traceability of each product while ensuring absolute consistency and coherence throughout production.

VGV’s core values – quality and efficiency, process optimization, cost efficiency – are once again perfectly executed. The goal is to increase production quantities until becoming a first-class partner and player for this and other prestigious brands of the field, providing yet again the perfect solution for every need and satisfy the highest standards of quality with all guarantees of certification and standardization that characterize the Quality System of VGV Supply Chain Specialist.