The logistic activity is entirely carried out at the 10.000 square meter headquarter of Calvisano. This is where more than 19.000 processed parts are delivered, checked and stocked at the warehouse until the following pick & pack fulfillment processes.

A tested integrated logistic system helps to optimize incoming products until delivery to the client:

  • Management of suppliers logistics, with complete traceability of supplies avoiding delivery mistakes;
  • Packaging of spare parts;
  • Inventory reduction;
  • WMS (Warehouse Management System) completely developed internally by the company.


Inspired by the principles of Lean Production, VGV has set up its Logistic organization according to the Kanban System, which allows perfect coordination between production or transport of materials by the supplier and the client’s demand.

Everything at the right time, in the right amount and in the right place.

According to the ‘Just in Time’ principle, Kanban is the ideal restocking tool for supplies as they are run out. For each component, the system provides a number of containers with a pre-established quantity of units. Each container is assigned a kanban (a tag): when the container is empty, the corresponding kanban acts as a restocking order for the supplier. The reordering procedure is carried out by scanning the tag of the empty container, which is directly replaced on the production line by the operators.