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Transparency is important to us

As you browse our website (“Site”) we may collect and process information about you with cookies and other related tools (“cookies”).

Cookies are text strings created by a server and stored on your computer’s hard drive or any device you use to access our Site.

This Cookie Policy is an integral part of our Privacy Policy. It contains important information about the type and purpose of cookies we install and how to enable, block, or delete (in whole or in part) cookies through specific features of your browser or third-party add-ons.

You can refer to our Privacy Policy for further detailed information on how we process your personal data, the recipients we share your data with and the rights you can exercise.

What cookies are, what information they collect, and what types of cookies we use

A cookie is a small text file sent to the user’s web browser and saved on his or her device when visiting a website. Cookies can be used for different purposes (authentication, session tracking, storing specific configurations, storing preferences, etc.).

Cookies used by the Site collect user information regarding the following:
– IP address;
– information on the device (e.g. model, operating system, browser);
– date and time of Site’s visit.

We use cookies to collect information about your Site browsing activity, remember your language preferences, allow web pages to load faster, make it easier for you to use online content and different services (e.g. filling out forms), carry out statistical analysis to measure Site traffic, understand how users use the Site, which pages are most or least visited, number of users and time spent on the Site by the average user and how traffic land on the Site, as well as to show you personalized advertising messages, – in line with the preferences you have expressed as part of your web browsing.
In line with applicable law concerning the use of cookiest, your prior consent is not required for technical cookies. The legal basis for processing is the performance of services you requested directly. Without such cookies, navigation on the Site and certain operations requested by you could not be performed, or security could not be guaranteed.
We ask for your consent to install profiling cookies.
Cookies may be installed directly by our Site (so-called first-party cookies), or they may be installed by other websites (so-called third-party cookies).

Our Site uses:


Social Media Button 

The Site also integrates Social Media Buttons to enable better user interaction and facilitate content sharing on social media. The Site integrates Social Media Buttons from the following platforms: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

When users click on Social Media Buttons, the browser connects to the social network servers the Social Media Button is linked to. The Social Media Button can track users’ visits to the Site and, where appropriate, link it with their social media accounts; this happens especially if users are logged in at the time of their visit or have recently browsed a website integrating Social Media Buttons. If you do not wish social networks to record data about your Site visit, you should sign out of your social account and delete all cookies the social network has installed in your browser.

In connection with specific activities, VGV and social media platforms may also act as joint data controllers, pursuant to Article 26 of the GDPR. In particular, this happens when VGV, through a Social Media Button, jointly determines with the social media platform that the processing purposes and means consist of the user data’s collection and transmission to the social media platform. In such cases, VGV adheres to the social media platform’s contractual terms and conditions, which may include joint controllership agreements.

Concerning the personal data processing carried out by social media platforms integrated with the Site, please refer to the social media platforms’ respective privacy policies:

You can choose whether and which cookies to enable

According to applicable cookies’ law, your prior consent is not always required. In particular, your consent is not required for technical cookies, but it is required for profiling cookies. When accessing any page on the Site, you will see a short cookie policy banner where you can enable all cookies or manage your preferences. Your consent is recorded through technical cookies. From the cookie policy banner, you can also manage your preferences concerning other categories of cookies and know more about third-party cookies, which you may freely consent to by clicking “Manage Preferences”.

If you close the banner by clicking on the “Continue without accepting” button, no cookies will be installed on your device, except for technical cookies, which are necessary for the Site’s operation.

In addition, you can also enable, block, or delete (a part of or all) cookies through your browser’s specific settings or third-party add-ons. However, if you disable the Site’s technical cookies, some of the Site’s services or features might not be available or function properly; you might also need to manually change or fill in some information on each Site visit.

To know how to set your cookie preferences on your browser, click on the following links:

Data transfer

The Data Controller stores and processes the personal data indicated in this Cookie Policy on servers based within the European Union.

The Data Controller does not transfer personal data outside the European Union and the European Economic Area; in any case, if the Data Controller, due to requirements related to service providers’ location, needs to transfer data outside the European Union or the European Economic Area to countries the European Commission has not issued an Adequacy Decision for, the Data Controller undertakes to ensure adequate protection levels, including contractual safeguards, in accordance with applicable laws; this includes standard contractual clauses as per Art. 46(2)(c) of the GDPR, supplemented, if needed, by additional technical, legal, and organizational measures necessary to ensure the level of personal data protection is equivalent to that ensured in the European Union.

For any further information on the transfer of your personal data, you can email:

Cookies’ retention

The abovementioned types of cookies, depending on their characteristics and functions, may remain on your device for different time periods. Session cookies are automatically deleted when you close your browser, while the other types of cookies remain on your device for a variable but pre-determined time period. See the duration of each cookie in the table above.

You may, however, interrupt the cookies’ retention period by deleting them from your browser’s cache.

Rights of the data subjects

If you meet the necessary conditions, you will have the right to obtain from the Data Controller the access, rectification, and erasure of your personal data and the restriction of your personal data processing and the right to object to their processing and to exercise your right to portability by transmitting your personal to third parties.

You can exercise your rights by emailing:
You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the Italian Supervisory Authority (Garante per la protezione dei dati personali). 

Data Controller

The data controller is VGV S.r.l., with registered office in Via Cefalonia, 70 – 25124 Brescia (BS), tax code and VAT number 03130410982. You can contact VGV at

Last updated: July 2023