In 2016, VGV purchased two turning plants: Mimimec Srl, with head office in Novellara (RE), and KKK, with head office in Brandizzo (TO); the latter was moved to Montirone (BS) in 2018 and was also renamed VGV.

VGV’s new production centers can supply everything that can be manufactured through mechanical processing, in particular from the bar turning processes: a complete series of components for the engine, agricultural machinery and powertrain.

Vertical lathes, CNC lathes, multi-spindles lathes and grinding machines allow the production of pins, shafts, studs, bushings, shims and ball bearings.


N. 8 Double spindles and single turret CNC turning center with bar feeders (4 BIGLIA B301SM, 4 BIGLIA B501)
N. 7 Double spindles and double turrets CNC turning center with bar feeders (1 BIGLIA B436Y2, 2 BIGLIA B470YSM, 2 BIGLIA B465Y2, 1 PUMA 1800, 1 NAKAMURA TOME WT150)
N. 1 Double spindles and triple turrets CNC turning center with bar feeders (NAKAMURA TOME  S.NTM3)
N. 2 CNC turning center with bar feeders  (MAZAK SQT200, BIGLIA B42S)
N. 1 CNC turning center with robot tending (HAAS-GT20HE)
N. 2 CNC turning center with Gantry loader (PUMA 230GL, PUMA300GL)
N. 16 CNC swiss type lathe (5 GITALGD16, 6 STAR SV32J, 1 NEXTURN SA32B, 1 NEXTURN SA18A, 1 TORNOS DECO26A)
N. 1 Vertical machining center MORI SEIKI GV503/19)
N. 1 Horizontal machining center DAEWOO ACE-HC400
N. 1 Cleaning parts machine
N. 1 Rod/pipe bender
N. 1 Vertical hydraulic press
N. 2 Marking machine (laser and microdots)
N. 3 Induction temper machine
N. 1 Electric normalisation oven

VGV Montirone

N. 1 Double spindles and double turrets CNC turning center with bar feeders Biglia (B436Y2)
N. 1 Double spindles CNC turning center with bar feeders DOOSAN (PUMA 2000SY)
N. 5 CNC turning center with bar feeders MAZAK (SQT250, SQT18MS MK2, QT30, NEXUS 350M)
N. 5 CNC turning center with bar feeders DOOSAN (PUMA 280M, PUMA 300M, LYNX 220L, PUMA 300L, PUMA 240LM)
N. 2 CNC turning center BIGLIA (B1000, B1200)
N. 2 CNC Swiss type lathe NOMURA (38UB8 – 20J3XB)
N. 2 Inverted vertical Spindle CNC Turning Centers (MAZAK IVS200, BIGLIA BV315Y
N. 2 Vertical machining center FAMUP (MCX1200, MCX700)
N. 1 Traveling column vertical machining center MAZAK VTC-200C
N. 1 Twin pallet drill & tapping machine DOOSAN VC320-40
N. 1 Cylindrical Grinder Jones & Shipman – Suprema 1000U
N. 1 Cylindrical Grinder Tacchella – 1018 MPC
N. 1 Centerless Grinder Montesi