One of the main sectors in which VGV operates is the automotive field, which has contributed the most to the definition of quality criteria and, over the years, has set the foundations for quality management in companies.
For VGV, the concept of quality is a fundamental asset during all stages of activity: from products to internal procedures for the management of suppliers and workflow. Products’ quality, processes’ quality and suppliers’ quality.

On these premises, VGV has proudly obtained the main certifications: the guarantee of ideal suitability to provide products and services not only in compliance with laws and regulations, but also, designed to maximize customer satisfaction through continuous improvement.


• IATF 16949: 2016 (Quality Management System)

• ISO 9001: 2015 (Quality Management System)

• ISO 45001:2018 (Management system for health and safety at work)

• ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management System)

In an ever-changing environment, a strict Social Policy System is represented and protected in the values we share within VGV: an ethical company founded upon a code of integrity, social responsibility and authentic corporate and personal qualities.

For VGV, the concept of quality essentially means:

  • Extreme care in selecting and monitoring suppliers
  • Specialized expertise exclusively dedicated to auditing, technical support and development
  • Meticulous controls of incoming products thanks to a laboratory with advanced equipment and an innovative metrology room

LABORATORY (Quality Management)

Quality management software
• Operational guidelines
• Control plan for each part number
• Product traceability
• Test results recording
• Process indicators
• Technical documentation
• Management of measuring instruments

Performance Monitoring
• Supplies management
• Establishment of required services
• Supplies monitoring
• KPIs accurate evaluation
• Quarterly review
• Continuous improvement
• SQE support

Labs 300 Sq.m:
• Office / Sample arrangement area
• Metrological room
• Samples preparation / testing
• Salt spray test room

Dimensional Measurements
• Calipers, micrometers and tools
• Roundness test
• Digital altimeter
• Diabase and cast iron base
• Profilometers
• CMM ZEISS (n.2)
• Surface roughness testers
• Cold light measuring microscope
• Optical measurement machine for shafts

Non-dimensional Test
• Torque measurement with wrenches
• Friction coefficient test
• Hardness test HV-HB-HR
• Micro-hardness test (Vickers)
• Metallography analysis with stereo microscope
• Spectrometric analysis
• Compression-tensile test with dynamometer

Sample bench workshop
• Hot mounting press
• Cutter machine
• Polishing machine

Coating Protection Analysis
• Deltascope “Fischer” Coating thickness measurement
• Salt spray test machines
• Contamination test according to ISO16232 and VDA 19